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Welcome to the lonely world of profile design. Since the Corsair share went away, this is a somewhat desolate channel. I think it is rather soothing and like slow pulse effects. However, one of the more complex elements of sharing these things is it may not work on someone else's hardware and we just recently received changes in iCUE where the channel number no longer matters. Previously, we would both need to have your LL fans (or whatever) in channel 1 and strips in Channel 2 for this to work. So I get the keyboard lighting from you that I can relatively easily extend to the lightbar and G keys on my K95P, but I don't get anything for my HD fans, strips, or Dominator RGB RAM. Unfortunately, you can't always copy effects between unlike devices (e.g.,keyboard to fans), but I can do a quick color shift from your purple hue to black to approximate the fade and could manually set up similar timings as you did. You may have used a few more data points than you needed to smooth out the color shift, but I am not the resident expert on creation. We do have a few of those. If you look at Lewis and Alex's work, you can learn a lot by deconstructing their effects. Thanks for sharing. Not a lot of that going on these days.
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