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Default Why are there so many bugs in v2.7.5361?

I just tried v2.7.5361 on my ASRock X79 Champion and spotted the following issues:

1) Only 3 of my 4 GTX 980s are reported.
2) Only 4 of my 6 motherboard fans are reported and the CPU jumps between 2973 and 1084 RPM.
3) The GPU-0 fan is reported as 0 RPM
4) The GPU-1 temperature is reported as 0.0C
5) All 4 of the commander mini temperatures are reported as 0.0C.
6) The AX1500i temperature is reported as 0.0C
7) The temperatures of my CSMI RAID disks are not reported at all.
8) The temperatures of my USB attached disks are not reported at all.
9) None of the motherboards four ISL6367 PWMs are reported.
10) The temperatures of my 8 x Crucial BLT4G3D1869DT2TXRG DIMMs are not reported.
11) My APC Smart-UPS 2200 is not reported at all.

I am 100% sure that none of these are hardware issues as when I exited CL and ran my SIV utility it correctly reported all of the above.

All these issues happen all the time and I am at a loss as to why CL should not report them correctly. I assume all the GPU information comes via NVAPI and when used correctly it's almost impossible to not report all the GPUs and get the correct readings for them all. Given a 3rd party program can correctly report the CL hardware for CL to fail to do this is rather surprising! The CSMI protocol is well documented so CL should report my CSMI RAID attached disks, the same goes for my USB attached disks, DIMMs and APC UPS.

I feel Corsair need to enhance the testing they do of Corsair Link before the Release Candidates are made available.

Given CL does not report most of the sensors on my system I need to use another program to do this, but as CL does not implement a Mutex to interlock access to the CL hardware it is not safe for any other program to report the CL hardware when CL is running. In SIV I check if CL is running and don't report CL hardware if it is, but if CL is started after SIV there are race conditions that mean both could be accessing the CL hardware at the same time. I feel it is imperative that Corsair add support for such a mutex and again propose it be called Global\Access_CorsairLink. CL should also create a mutex called say Global\CorsairLink.exe to indicate to other programs that it implements Global\Access_CorsairLink support and they can use this to safely interlock access the CL hardware.

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