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I just tested out this version today, and I was actually able to get custom fan curves to work in this version. However upon restarting the computer not only does the corsair link software not run on start up (luckily in this case), but upon opening the application my power supply clicks off and the computer restarts. Upon posting, my bios reports a power surge was detected.

1. Version of your Link software: v2.7.5361
2. What version of Windows you're using: Windows 8.1 Pro
3. Summary: Power Surge? or system shutdown upon opening the application (after it was configured) and the gui appears.
4. Detailed description of the issue: I completely uninstalled the previous version, deleted its appdata, restarted, and installed the new client. I then configured it to have a custom image, moved and re-labeled some fans (after playing around with the fan speeds to detect which ones were where), set up custom fan curves for 5 of the fans, set up a color profile for the H100i LED, assigned the fans to groups (pump and two fans [connected to pump] in pump temp group; three fans [two connected to pump, one chassis] to R9 290X temp group. The chassis fan I was not able to control, but no biggie there. I then installed MSI afterburner 4.0, restarted, noticed corsair link didn't start with windows, opened it, and then observed the crash. The power click from the power supply happens a few seconds after corsair link initializes (and shows its gui for a moment).

I have since removed MSI afterburner, restarted, and still anytime the GUI shows up for corsair link, my system shuts down.

Details of the system are here: I am running 14.9.1 beta video drivers on it currently.

5. Photos: See attached.


I have also now tried removing the XML file. This allows the program to launch its GUI, but after configuring everything, saving it as a profile, closing the application, and then re-opening gui, the program will initialize, turn the LED to Red (only supposed to go to red when CPU temp spikes) and then crash the system. Attached is system log of hardwar monitoring, and three profiles that all crashed the system. Full config broken was the original profile I used where I configured everything. Minor config broken is where I modified a few things. And no config broken is where I simply opened the application, saved a profile, closed it, and opened it again (and crashed).
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