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If you already have the 9 LL, then you can certainly try it. However, I suggest you start with a single layer of fans on the H150, plus the other 3x120 as exhaust in the top/rear. That will keep you on a single RGB controller, 1 lighting channel, and makes things comparatively simple on install. The second RGB hub is usually a pain. More importantly, it will give you a baseline for the standard 3 fan performance.

There is nothing you can really do for the GPU. It's power levels and it's own fans are the only thing that really affect its temperature. Aside from that, all you can do is make sure you keep the air moving around it and then out of the case. Your case fans affect ambient case temperature and this is the baseline for all internal hardware temps. However, a GPU is a large heat source and +2-4C changes in case temp will be a minor part of the total.
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