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I assume the 90°C+ was with AVX2+ enabled in Prime95. As devbiker said before, this shreds Intel CPUs with AVX2+ support. What's the highest your VCore voltage goes to when testing with it?
In any case, Prime95 with AVX2+ (or even without) is an extreme case which one doesn't typically reach under normal use condition (except perhaps for some professional applications), and many overclockers nowadays don't worry much about Prime stability anymore due to this. What you should worry about are stability and temperatures under your normal use cases.

That said, I'd think your temperatures under these conditions are pretty normal, though. Try to set your pump to Extreme and see if that helps shave off a couple of degrees. You might also want to try to reseat your cooler. Perhaps using a high-end thermal paste like Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut (that's what I use, thus I can recommend it) would help a little as well.
Using a 280mm or 360mm cooler (if your case has room for it) might help a bit as well compared to the 240mm, so you might consider swapping the H100i RGB Platinum for the H115i RGB Platinum or the H150i Pro if it fits your case and you can are still in the window to return your cooler to the store.

You may also be able to set your AVX offset to 2 or 3 which will decrease your CPU multiplier under AVX load. That might allow you to lower the voltage a bit, which in turn will allow for cooler CPU temperatures.

If you really want to experience much lower temperatures than what you have with AVX, you likely won't get around a good custom loop, however.

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