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Originally Posted by Sacco Belmonte View Post
Well...there's this:

"It's not monitoring tools, it's iCUE specifically. I've read his description, and it doesn't match up to my tests. ALL of the Hardware monitoring tools opened at once are showing lower voltages and sleeping cores, but iCUE SPECIFICALLY triggers all cores to wake and lock in voltage, increasing temps."
Which could simply mean that some of the other monitoring tools have been updated to handle this using whatever method AMD recommends (after all, their own Ryzen Master doesn't do this, right?). iCUE is a consumer of one of these tools (CPUID/HWMonitor, to be specific) and any updates to CPUID need to be integrated into the build, validated and tested before release. Which usually means that there is a delay between when it's ready in the source tool and then available in iCUE.

Considering that AMD's own response is contrary to this poster's statement, I'm inclined to lean towards AMD's response as the definitive, authoritative answer.
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