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Originally Posted by Sacco Belmonte View Post
I'll get a 3900X soon. I'm gonna see what's going on.

I suspect the dashboard monitoring the CPU is causing that.
As AMD stated, it's multiple monitoring systems causing conflicting issues, be it ICUE(even without the dashboard monitoring specifically) HWINFO, Ryzen Master, Afterburner, Geforce Experience, etc. They also stated that the only one working properly with the way the cores are going to sleep is CPU-Z.

I load up CPU-Z i get voltages running between .480V to 1.4+V with fluctuations all over in between depending on cores etc. On my stock 3700X.

Opening 2 or more causes them to head off the reservation. CPU-Z/Master Whatever combination you'd like, CPU-Z reports voltages @1.48V with only minor fluctuations down to say 1.45(Woo!).
Shutting down the second/third/6th monitoring tool, CPU-Z goes back to reporting correct voltages within seconds.
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