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OK, good. That's all you can do. It looks like the fan and radiator placement is not a restrictive issue. You'll have to see if this changes in a negative way when extended GPU loads are present, but there is no reason to expect that it will be a problem.

As for actually reducing the voltage induced CPU temp side of the equation, that is something you can address through the BIOS. Even if you are not going to overclock, setting a specific adaptive voltage often keeps everything on a tighter rein than leaving the Vcore on AUTO. If you haven't already, take a look at a solid professional review for the CPU. I found this one interesting and the stock CPU temps were higher than I would have expected. However, the Kaby's seem to clock right up without major penalties and the CPU was clearly designed for the temperatures you are seeing now. Keep in mind the hardware set-up in that review is an open bench, and as such, the coolant temp won't have the usual 4-6C penalty we all do with it in an actual case. Therefore, add +5C or so to their mark to estimate a case environment.

You might look for an end user overclocking guide that will give you some idea of what other people see with various cooling solutions and voltages. It looks like the usual thread has already started at
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