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OK, so no more crazy fan revving? That's good. Was that only in fixed fan mode? Or did I miss a balanced/quiet mode test in there?

As for water temperatures, I now see the issue. I caught a glimpse of the top and H440 has a solid top cover with "air channels" venting heat out the side. Those things are a little tricky and most people run at least 5C warmer with that kind of obstruction. Some cases are far worse and ultimately very disadvantageous for top mount radiators.

I think the cooler is working fine now. Your CPU core temperature delta over water temperature is good, so +5C doesn't hurt very much. You will always want to run the quiet/fixed/custom fan profile in the warmer parts of the year. As you can see from your videos, the water temp is more or less the same at 1700 rpm and 800 rpm. It is not a question of fan speed, but retained heat inside the channels and the area around it. Does the top of the case feel warm when gaming? I expect it does. You can fiddle around with other case fan speeds, but you may prefer less fan noise and accept the 1-3C penalty in case temps. Same thing for the radiator fans. It's not the 45 vs 50C CPU temps that are the problem, it is the horrible fan noise. You don't need much in the way of fan speed and anything past 1000 rpm likely does not help bring the water temperature down very much.
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