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Angry Is Activision in charge of CUE features? When will the key combo DLC come?

Why the hell doesn't CUE support KEY COMBINATIONS for MACROS yet? I mean, it's simple, it's an obvious utility, yet, this software that everyone praises to be so complex and complete, doesn't have it. People have been asking for this for years now, why doesn't Corsair implements it? I simply can not understand.

I come from a Roccat Kone Pure and the thing I loved the most about that mouse was the "Easy-Shift". I thought, "Hell, Corsair's software will surely be more complete than Roccat's, I'll be able to do that and more!", but no. I can't.

Easy-Shift + Left Click = Previous music
Easy-Shift + Right Click = Next music
Easy-Shift + Scroll Click = Windows sound mute
Easy-Shift + Scroll Up/Down = Volume up/down

Isn't that beautiful? I felt like I couldn't live without it, it was so practical and amazing. The only thing I could ask more would be a specific iTune's volume setting, to control both Window's and iTune's volume separately.

I can't even use scroll up and down as a macro, c'mon...

I'll now have to go to a third party software to do so, since CUE is completely useless for mice. I wish I kept my Roccat Kone Pure, great job Corsair !

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