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Do you means Corsair now design do not request Original SW vendor (Cmedia) to provide you Windows 10 driver? Instead Corsair will develop Windows 10 driver by your self like current Vengence 1500, Vengence 1500V2, Vengence 2000 and Vengence 2100? Wow that will be huge change.
Does Corsair will use the same surround sound algorithm? Or use new surround sound algorithm?

Originally Posted by Corsair Chris View Post
Hi everyone!

We're sorry for the huge inconvenience with the HS40 software compatibility. To give an update on HS40 drivers and software, our team will be developing the software (no longer going with the original SW vendor) meaning it will be built from scratch to include compatibility with previous versions as well as Win10 and moving forward. This process will take 6-8 weeks as it will take some time to develop the software, then test it for public release.

Thank you for your patience!
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