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Default New Chair Wheels ?

So the wheels that came with my T2 decided to lose their bearings, I'm roughly 100 pounds under the maximum weight for this chair and the chair is on a solid non carpeted floor but the bearings kept falling out.

Customer support were truly wonderful and sent me out new wheels but sadly these have started to lose bearings as well after only 1 day of use.

I won't contact customer support as I would be wasting their time with this issue as there is nothing really that they can send out that wouldn't end up in the same situation a few days later, So instead I just bought myself some 5 basic wheels from Amazon that have zero ball bearings, Not as smooth but at least now I won't have greasy bearings flying out all over my floor.

To the lovely folks at Corsair, The T1 and T2 chairs in themselves are superb, But the wheels need changing to something that has a properly sealed bearing unit/casing, As it stands right now the bearings over time just fall out due to being housed in a very flimsy metal casing.
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