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Originally Posted by ComplexDrive View Post
3xLL120 (front case)
2xRGB 140 fans from h115i rgb (top case)
2xLL 140 (bottom Case)
4xLed strips chained

will all this fit on one commander or do I need 2? assume that I need to power the fans from the commander

Which H115i is it?.. if its the Platinum then you can remove 2 of the fans off of the list as they would be controlled by the cooler for both RPM and RGB. this is recommended as it ensures correct operation of the cooler regardless of OS or iCUE....

I suspect you only need one commander pro my self.. 2 of the fans will be controlled by the cooler

Read the above. Covers Corsairs RGB Eco System in detail ;) including specs/terminology/diagrams, take your time. theres a lot to cover.

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