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Originally Posted by MadreInChina View Post
So if I use a 3 way spliter on my mobo i can have 3 fans controled in corsair icue
No. Your motherboard headers are controlled by your BIOS settings or whatever software your motherboard vendor makes available. iCUE controls peripherals and internal devices, one of which is a Corsair Commander Pro. That is a fan controller and RGB interface tool. If you want fan control, you need that. Either way, you will want the Commander Pro or Lighting Node Pro for RGB control. See the sticky here for more information. There are some requirements to set this up.

Originally Posted by MadreInChina View Post
Will my mobo beable to handle 3 fans on one pwm? My mobo idea is asus z370 prime a
The overwhelming majority of motherboard fan headers have a 1.0A current limit. Always check your manual to verify. Obviously this also very fan specific, so you have to total it up on a model by model basis. Current flow is very dynamic and you should not assume max limits are hard caps. Always leave some room. A 0.80A total is safe for most things. I occasionally push it 0.90A with fans that have been tried and tested. I don't recommend that for people unless they are very comfortable with how there gear works or anyone who is risk adverse.
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