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Default RMA or chalk it up as a loss?

Alright, so I purchased my first mechanical keyboard, corsair refurbished k65 rgb (less than a year ago) and it has had key repeat/chatter problems since the first day i started using it. At first I was not so concerned about it as it the issue would rarely come up during typing but with time it has started to get worse. Anyway a few days back i turned on my pc and noticed that the keyboard lighting was different than the profile i had set. As the pc booted windows 10 alerted me that a usb device has malfunctioned. I removed the 2 cables for my keyboard and plugged them back in and saw the same warning.

I opened cue to change the profile and saw that led on some of the keys would not change no matter what. Also selecting default profiles such as wave, ripple etc would not appear on my keyboard and instead it would just turn off most of the leds and only one or two would show a static color (purple). I reinstalled the engine as well as updated the bios but no results.

Now i'm not sure if this issue is accidental or not. I have checked the keyboard thoroughly and did not see any signs of damage, nor was there any signs of liquid spilling on it. Im worried that if i do send it back and spend half the amount of the price i paid for this keyboard to ship it all the way to Taiwan and in case they tell me that they wont cover it then my money would just be wasted. That money could go into buying a new keyboard.

I know for a fact that they key repeat issue was always there but this new problem with the led not working properly has me in doubt on whether if it is the keyboard thats failing or that it was caused due to a mistake from my end.

So would really like to get your thoughts on this and if anybody else went through a similar situation.
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