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Originally Posted by Reapexx View Post
Yeah I noticed this problem with Viktor's E. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do to preserve both the lighting effect and Quickcast Range Indicator functionality at the moment due to the limitations of the software.

When QWE and R are pressed, they send an action that sends a single keystroke and the lighting effect. You can revert the QWE and R keys to normal under the Assignments tab, but this will disable the lighting assigned to those keys being pressed.
I may have found a solution to this after buying this keyboard today.

What I did was the following, using Macro actions instead of Text actions:

Create an action named LoLQRelease (or whatever)
Record yourself pressing the Q key. In the event sequence you should see Q press, some delay, then Q release. Delete everything but the "Q release". Save this action.

Create a second action named LoLQPress (or whatever)
Record yourself pressing the Q key. In the event sequence you should see the same stuff. Delete everything but the "Q press". Click the check box that says "Enable a second macro on release", and assign it to LolQRelease. Put the desired lighting effect on this guy, and then save.

This worked for me. Just make sure you set that second action on release, or else you will be typing Q endlessly on one key press! I tested Graves' Q and I got the lighting effect and all. One other cool thing is if you like to charge up a spell on a frequently played champion (i.e. Vi), you can have a lighting effect on both the charge up and release.