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Arrow Vengeance 1500v2 / 2000 Temp. Driver workaround

Ok guys, here's the deal, I use Vengeance 1500v2 headphones, got them for 104 euros (yes they're kind of expensive here), anyhow, first day once i got them I was quite baffled about the overall sound quality and the mic, as in my nature, I went out to find the solution, i spent countless hours testing them in every possible way including all drivers, I must say Corsair didn't do the best job in terms of drivers, BUT, they are in BETA, so they have chance to correct that, now to move onto correcting the sound quality buzzing and hissing we get from corsair drivers...

First you must downgrade back to 1.1 drivers, as they have the best mic sound quality compared to other v2+ drivers which are just terrible at beta point in which they are. Now, some might have issues with downgrading drivers back v1.1, the headphones might state that drivers failed to install and headphones are not detected.

Here is how to fix that:
Originally Posted by Androktasie View Post
This happened to both of my Vengeance headsets during the V2000 and is partly caused by MS KBKB2709162. Removing the KB will fix the error (not recommended), but there's a better way I eventually figured out. This assumes that you're comfortable with navigating the Windows registry.

How to fix:

For some reason my V1500's registration was persisting to live on in Windows' driver stores as oem23, even after the drivers were supposedly removed by the uninstaller. While oem23.inf was indeed present in C:\Windows\inf like it should be, the corresponding was nowhere to be found in C:\Windows\system32\catroot\{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE}\.

These oem numbers will vary from system to system... users and technical support agents can tell what they are by searching the registry for "corsair" at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

To remedy this, I extracted the driver installer using 7-zip ( and then copied over from the extracted driver installation folder to C:\Windows\system32\catroot\{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE}\. Once copied, the I renamed the CAHS1x64.CAT file to oem23.CAT. (For you, this would be whatever your own OEM number is.) Reboot and you're done.
After this Download Razer Surround:
At this point it is for free, but since it fixed my problem, I was in mood to donate money to charity and I did, it's up to you how you thank them.

Now here's the explanation how to use this:

Here comes the explanation why and how:
So after installing Razer Surround, it will ask you to calibrate the headphones
1) Select Vengeance 1500/2000/2100 in the list.
2) Choose any headphones from razer in the list (doesn't matter which)
3) Press callibrate and adjust the simulation to your liking (must admit 1.1 driver adjustments are much better and I like them a bit more than razers)
4) Finish and OK, Next you see there is audio config and EQ panels, leave the audio as it is... now go to corsair 1v1 sound config and set equalizer to default. adjust your sound threw Razer control panel.

Now some games might not be compatible with razer surround in this case switch in speaker settings back to corsair speakers and enable corsair 7.1 surround or 5.1 up to you. by doing this you might notice that when switching back to razer speakers they wont work, you must select bypass again in corsair panel and restart the razer surround service by pressing - Windows + R, type in services.msc and locate Razer Surround Service, right click and press restart, and everything will work again.

Superior sound quality to corsair drivers so far
Mic works pretty good with a small white noise in background but its bearable
Sound doesn't get inverted in games after alt tabbing or just randomly.
No Crackling sound in audio, although some frequency's might cause it, I will switch them for a new pair and report back with this.

Switching back and forth is uncomfortable.
Some games might have slow response in sound simulation (after turning it takes time for sound to processes where it is..
Baffles that you have to use Razer drivers instead of Corsair..

Hope this helped you guys and I really hope corsair makes decent drivers for these headphones soon, the sound quality is amazing, I have a pair of sennheiser HD558 at work, and I must say with razer drivers in terms of sound quality Corsair Vengeance 1500 v 2 Beats them, while in reviews you can read that Corsair 1500v2 performs pretty bad in terms of orchestra/violin/piano music, I guess they havent tried them with razer drivers, while HD558 cut off on some frequencys, corsair just plows threw them like a bulldozer which amazed me.

If this guide helped you, give it a shameless bump!
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