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Important Had the same issue earlier this year

I had a similar issue with a Logitech USB mic I bought in December. Windows would erratically pick up soft and loud noises randomly and it was near impossible to use voice chat without it sounding like static & robot_invasion whenever i tried talking. I tested a friend's mic over the analog in and it worked perfectly.

I finally started removing component after component from my computer until I narrowed it down to my Xbox360 controller/Arcade Stick. I did some searching on google and quickly found out that this is quite a wide-spread issue with 360 peripherals, and the root seems to be the microphone input jack on 360 controllers. (both my wired 360 controller & Real Arcade Pro VX-SA arcade stick have mic ports & both caused this problem as soon as they were hooked up at the same time as my USB mic)

The worst part about this issue is that you can't just alleviate it by unplugging the controllers; Windows had to be completely restarted to get the USB mic to stop glitching out in this manner, every time.

I then took the clean start approach and completely removed all semblance of x360 peripherals from my system, reformatted, and tried the homebrew XBCD controller drivers for them instead. I tried this because the XBCD drivers have never supported the microphone input on 360 controllers & I figured it was the mic portion of the driver that was nuking my USB mic each time.

Same result. Any time either controller was plugged in at the same time as the USB mic, it instantly crapped out. Research on le internets showed that it was quite a wide-spread issue, for USB headsets, desktop microphones & even USB sound cards.

I eventually overcame this problem by upgrading from Windows XP Pro 32bit to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Turns out my USB mic, like most, uses an ancient Microsoft driver from the turn of the millennium, Logitech has never released their own driver for this (or many other) USB mic's, instead relying on Microsoft's implementation.

It's obvious that they updated this driver for windows 7, both devices have worked flawlessly together since I upgraded to it. I noticed the OP had windows 7 already but if you by chance have any 360 peripherals plugged in or have ever had one plugged in since you last restarted your PC, that is a likely candidate for the cause of the issue you're having.

Best Wishes

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