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Originally Posted by PersonaJXT View Post
Also having problems with the K95 with this update. It seems to overlap various macros you may have to the Esc and F# keys. Deleting appdata stuff and reinstalling iCue will randomly overlap macros with those buttons, such as for instance Win + Tab was assigned to F5 once and then Esc another time. An annoying bug to be sure for anyone with a lot of macros.

Corsair support told me to use an older version, which avoids the problem (apparently 3.18 was the most stable recent version?). Just gotta wait for an update that fixes things now I guess.
Seems you are right, after further usage of the method i posted above, i have discovered this workaround only kicked the can further down the road. With all macro's set up for the escape row, the "unconsented macro binding" issue has now mapped all further macros in the actions library to the numeric row, just bellow the function keys. For some weird reason the software is now overflowing the problem further down the rows of the keyboard, exclusive of PGUP / numpad sections. I assume that unless I want to manually bind all of my keys then the only real solution, assuming that I do not want to wipe my macros, is to create a temporary profile to store my actions library so that i can keep the library empty.
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