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Originally Posted by TheBigMic View Post
Nice..the case is official released..but no date for the SE we have to wait like 2 more months :(
I really hope you are wrong. I am planning on pulling the trigger on my new rig at the end of March. Planning on going with the 570x, but am certainly interested in the 500d se.

For me, I don't really care about mounting a radiator in the roof, front is just fine so the additional headroom is not really a big deal. The two positions have been tested and there is really no difference in performance between the two. Plus the front is the only place you can mount the h150i. And I like how the 570x also has tempered glass on the top, which i can understand is not for everyone. It does not appear the 500d se does. So even if it is released, I might still go for the 570x. Very sexy case, especially if you are going all out on rgb which I am.

I have also read some forums where people are saying that they are now getting 570x cases with a front shroud for the PSU? That is huge if that is true.

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