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Originally Posted by Blackworms View Post
I am having problems as well. 3.18 was using 1-2% like above user told, and now it's more than 3-5% all the time. Additionally and I think more importantly, when you enable full software RGB control for Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB, CPU usage spikes to 20-30% and stays like that all the time. Disable and now it is again 3-5%. Does anyone have the same problem?
Did you read James' post?
Originally Posted by Corsair James View Post
The only CPU issue we see is when DRAM has software lighting enabled. This does cause the CPU usage to increase. To resolve this, we've done two things:

1.) We deployed a new driver to control DRAM lighting in iCUE v3.19. This will pave the way to manage the lighting on the modules to be much more efficient.

2.) We are currently working on a new firmware for Vengeance RGB PRO and Dominator RGB to take advantage of this new driver. Once we are ready to deploy, we should be able to significantly reduce the CPU overhead.

In the meantime, if users feel their CPU usage is too high (avg 10-20% depending on CPU), then we recommend to disable software control for DRAM until our new driver is ready.

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