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Originally Posted by Scirca View Post
Was not running anything other than precision XOC and 3DMark. Restarted my computer and now it is ok. Who knows if anything is damaged. Doubt corsair will cover it even if it is. They cannot even bother to reply to a support email I sent to them. Pissing me off real good
In the case of worrying if anything was damaged, I would be fine putting money on the fact that nothing was besides your sanity at seeing those readings.

As for Corsair covering it, again for reasons I will not discuss here until August (assuming something doesn't arrive in the mail anyway), I can assure you that they will. I know you have no reason to trust me but believe me when I say this, there are a lot of people who have an inkling of what went down and what occurred, they will if required.

In regards to the the support ticket and lack of response, this I totally stand behind you on but for the record you should be aware that someone over there decided to roll out a new ticketing system all at once instead of in stages, and from what it sounds like without sufficient testing, and this is causing a melt down (and likely several people to worry about their jobs as well as lots of meetings). I am adding Corsair Mike to the list of Corsair Kevin for people you should contact specifically regarding no answer on tickets. PM one of them with your details but please try to be nice, although they do appreciate a bit of sarcasm just don't get too angry in it :P

"3D Mark should not cause an issue. XOC should not cause an issue, but there were early versions of that program that did. Make sure you are using an updated version. Double check your process log in the task manager to make sure there isn't something unexpected. AIDA, HWiNFO, and of course AI Suite are the most common obstacles."

This is correct although I have not seen AISuite cause an issue. And nothing has been damaged (this I say with a grain of salt since anything could happen).
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