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Originally Posted by Corsair Chris View Post
There has been a number of instances in which people have mentioned that our mic is too quiet. In most cases, this can be resolved by bending the microphone closer to the mouth and many users don’t know that the mic is bendable or are afraid of damaging the mic. The mic boom uses Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) AKA thermoplastic rubbers, allowing it to be flexible and keep its structural integrity. And bending the microphone can increase mic gain by as much as 10dB.

We did some testing with multiple mic positions for their sensitivity.

P0: P1: P2: P3: P4:

Mic sensitivity chart

P0 (out of the box): -42.7dBr
P1 (15): -40.8 dBr (2dB improvement)
P2 (30): -37.8 dBr (5dB improvement, recommended)
P3 (45): -34.5 dBr (8dB improvement)
P4 (90): -31.5 dBr (11dB improvement)
We suggest adjusting the mic similar to P2 for the best performance.
i'm a savy PC user, and know what settings need to be on, off, low or high. even at position 4 the microphone is too quiet. indeed 4 gets it to be "acceptible" but if you read my comment at the bottom i can't achieve that. i bought these for $90 at bestbuy, and i have until the 15th of january to return them. if i don't have software that lets me use the headset the way i want to for youtube videos at a decent recording volume i think i'll be obligated to return these because even my teamspeak friends say it's on the quiet side.

i want to like this headset because a 16 hour battery life is very appealing, but i'll march right in and exhange these for the G933's if that's what it takes to get a proper microphone

(which i can't achieve any of the positions without physically holding the microphone in place with my hand because my head is bigger than that maniken i guess)

and by the way, those pictures should be snapped at more than one angle becuase it's hard for me to tell the exact positioning from those

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