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Mode Switching -
I really want to be able to hold a key down on my mouse (Corsair or other brand) and have it switch to a different mode while pressed, but switch back when released. This functionality is supposed to work this way with a Corsair brand mouse, but with the latest CUE release seems quite broken.

I use a K95RGB and G700s (Logitech) mouse for work, and really hope that this functionality could be added so that any brand of mouse could allow a mode switch. I wouldn't be opposed to purchasing a Corsair brand mouse, but currently there are no RGB mice that offer side scroll, and none of them have enough macro buttons for me. The G700s is critical to my workflow, and I wouldn't be able to switch from using it.

One last thing to mention in this request is to clarify how this would work. I would want to be able to bind a mode switch to say the F12 key in the CUE software, and then program F12 to any of my programmable buttons on my G700s mouse.

The K95RGB currently has 18 G-keys by design. Most gamers always have one hand on the keyboard, and another on the mouse.... put the power of mode switching into any/every mouse and you've made the amount of G-keys endless by utilizing modifier capability.
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