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Originally Posted by Protocol48 View Post
Thanks, I chat with a Corsair tech at least once a month and in July their light strips had a ETA of August end. I chatted last week and now there is no ETA for the light strips! So thanks for the help,; Since we are going to light our cases, too bad Corsair missed the boat and is making zero dollars on case lighting strips.

I just looked up the companies Supernight in Oregon and Hitlights in Louisiana and they are making almost exactly the same products, same strips, same remotes. Amazon is selling both products. Somebody in Asia must be supplying to both these companies! The patent must have expired.
Even if the corsair ones were available I think doing it yourself is a better solution. 3 strips with 3 lights each would not have worked for me, at any price. Even if the corsair ones were available I would have still gone with the approach I did. Being able to cut custom lengths is critical IMO.

If you look at the LED's you have and look at the corsair ones ill bet you will see they are identical, with the exception of the reversed G and B, and the connector. These are all probably made in the same factory in china, and re-branded.
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