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An SDK that lets programmers build color support into their apps. This is much more flexible than Lua and can be extended to support many languages. Razer just released their Chroma SDK which I tried out by porting my reverse engineered protocol based K70 RGB visualizer to. It was a cake walk to accomplish, as they provide a few .h header files and a few functions to set an RGB grid to the keyboard. Same idea as what we made for the K70 RGB with the reverse engineering method but a lot less work (at the expense of being rather slow to update and Windows-only). If Corsair does release an SDK it would be nice to be able to also interact with CUE (apply new effects as layers on top of already set effects, for instance). This is a big downside to Razer's SDK, it does not integrate with their software at all. I have a feeling game developers will be adding custom lighting to games soon for Razer users, but I doubt they will do the same with only a community-made reverse engineered SDK for Corsair. Wait around too long and Corsair could lose out on their upper hand in the RGB market.

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