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Originally Posted by 0031nek View Post
Thank you very much for the 1st feedback and suggestion, well, the 4-pin molex to pci-e had been tried, nope, not helping at all.
Only other thing I could posably suguest is a change of driver,( you seem more than compedent enough to have tried this already) but if your older PSU is still giving you no greif then it sounds like somthing is not right with your corsair PSU.

Might be worth testing the voltage lines are roughly within 10% of their specs with a multimeter. 12v lines your graphic card is using as well as the others( you can test for 5 and 12v through a molex connector even better if your gfx card is on the same bit of cable), also the 3.3v with software monitoring for the 3.3v unless you know exactly where to test it on your mother board. if your scared of using a multimeter just use a software utilty though these arn't know for their accuracy. Hopefully you'll see if anything is obviously wrong with it. Also goes without saying be very carful not to short anything with your multimeter probes.

Hopefully one of the corsair guy's has a better suguestion.

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