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Originally Posted by GTXJackBauer View Post
Thank you for this as that pretty much answers everything.

I'm kinda bummed the inlet is not on the left side of the block because most builds use a cylinder res/pump combo and most of the time for a tight/short clean running loop, you'll have the bottom 'OUT' of the pump enter the bottom section of the case whether it be a front or bottom rad than or to the GPU, than to the CPU, than to the top/front rad back or just back to the top of the 'IN' of the cylinder reservoir creating a simple clockwise flow. This design will force some to crisscross their tubings or for those that have bay res/pump combos would be of convinience if you were to go counterclockwise in the loop.

Regardless, I'm still thinking about getting one once I drain again for a CPU/MB/RAM upgrade in the coming months or year but that depends if I want a upside down block. Bummer since I'd like to slowly start implementing a little Corsair back to the rig other than the AX1200i.

Thanks again for the response.

Yep. Got all that, thanks.
You can always just flip the top trim on the CPU block 180 degrees. It is just being held in place with 4 screws, so taking these out and flipping it around would give you the inlet on the left, and still have the logo in the bottom.
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