Thread: K95 RGB List of functional KVMs?
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Originally Posted by Ghallo View Post
Solved (at least for me):
Tripp Lite 4-Port Dual Monitor DVI KVM Switch with Audio and USB 2.0 Hub
Part: B004-2DUA4-K

So, I setup this KVM and it not only works with my K95, it works with all of the PC's I've attempted to connect it to. I am inclined to believe Corsair James, because of the experiences and problems I have been having it does not appear to be a problem with the K95 - it is a problem with specific MOBO Mfrs.

So, I went through about 3 other KVM's (thank goodness for Prime and free returns) and none of them worked with all of my machines. This one did - so I am posting here in case someone in the future has a similar problem.

A note: This KVM needs to have Keyboard emulation (on by default) turned off. You simply press NumLock and '-' to get into programing mode, then hit the 'n' key to turn off KB emulation. I basically put in a dummy USB keyboard used it to turn KB emulation off, then plugged the K95 in.

The only thing that has me scratching my head now is why KVM's are so rare. Oh well.
Thanks for sharing a device that works!

Maybe someday we should make a KVM huh?

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