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CPUZ & Windows Task Manager & Hardware info all read this info.

I did more testing last night and was able to reproduce it over and over and over again under the following conditions.

1) AVX offset set to 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
2) CPU Multi Locked @ 50. System been tested prime stable 6 hours at this frequency, custom watercooled.
3) All C States, Speedstep, Power saving, and any other such feature in bios and windows disabled.

I start iCue and open CPUZ & Windows Task Manager & Hardware info, individually and all together. The readings are consistently 100-150-200-300Mhz CPU clock fluctuation.

I exit out of everything open CPUZ & Windows Task Manager & Hardware info, individually and all together.....CPU clock steady at 5Ghz as it should be.

I made sure I had every other application closed that I possibly could.

I went back into bios and set AVX offset to 0 and the issue did not occur.

So....either there is some bizarre interaction between iCue and apps that report clock speed OR your program uses AVX instructions for some reason I am unaware of as a consumer. But clear choice is to unfortunately stop using iCue...which connects to about $500 worth of your products atm.

This does not happen with other applications similar to yours that I have from Steelseries, Gigabyte, Razer, etc.

Hopefully this can be addressed.
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