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I recommend you only use/install one one of AISuite, CL or CAM. Further if any of those are being used DO NOT USE any of AIDA64, HWiNFO, OHM, SIV, SpeedFan, etc..

I develop SIV and as a result have an in-depth knowledge of locking issues so it is unlikely I am mistaken. Things may seem to work but sooner or later that s***t will hit the fan!

The issues are not really software issues, but need software changes to remove them. They are different programs changing the same hardware registers at the same time. The most common issue is the SMBus locking up, but there are many others. All of AIDA64, HWiNFO, OHM, SIV and SpeedFan can be used together as the correctly use the same named mutexes to interlock access. For a list of these look at the SIV Menu->Help->SMBus Locks panel. It will also tell you which exist and which namespace they are in. If you just have SIV running and start AIDA64/HWiNFO you will see them come into existence.

BTW you should fill in your PC Specs.

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