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Arrow It could be anything and we need to analyse a dump

Originally Posted by WhiskeyOmega View Post
  1. Sorry. That system specs was very old ive now updated them.
  2. I have 1 1080ti installed at the moment.
  3. I have now setup full windows dumps.
  4. The issue I get only occurs when SIV or Corsair link is running so i dont think it could be my graphics card.
  5. its more likely to be the CLCP not agreeing with my motherboard in some way.
  1. You should also specify the Windows Build number and there are 5 very different W10 releases, see
  2. What happens if you install the GTX 970?
  3. Good, do you know how to setup WINDBG? If not see for how to do this
  4. How many other programs have you tried? Try AIDA64 + HWiNFO64 with their monitoring panels active.
  5. Why? I have 2 x CLCP and don't get this issue on my X79 system. The CLCP driver is the M$ HID driver and far less likely to cause issues than the NVidia GPU driver. I could comment further if you attached [Link Status].
It would be helpful it you used as I have.

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