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Originally Posted by SpokaneVan View Post
Hello All,

I have the CMK32GX4M2K3600C16 (VENGEANCE® LPX 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3600MHz C16 Memory Kit) that I assumed would work on the ASRock x570 Steel Legend mobo since DDR4 is a standard. I can't even get the system to POST, and the system status LEDs on the board have CPU/DRAM lit up. I have a suspicion that the RAM may not be working in the board. Has anyone been able to get this particular RAM kit working in an ASRock x570-based board before? The product description only says Intel 300 series, but I had assumed that DDR4 as a standard means it would work (even if it only POSTed at non-XMP speed).
Compatibility is found in the memory QVL which you can get off the ASRock site, usually the downloads section for the board in question.
As a side note, I always recommend you consult this before buying memory for any board.
ASRock however is a bit of a weird one, they advertise speeds but often lack any memory tested at those speeds on their QVL, its not a common practice, Usually vendors will have at least one tested kit at advertised speeds. ASRocks QVL isn't as reliable as other vendors.
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