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Originally Posted by bigboosh View Post
Hi all.

I recently built a new machine with 64gb of LPX 2666 ddr4.

Not trying to overclock this build, just trying to get the ram working at 2666, but when I enable XMP and leave CPU settings on my Gigabyte Designare Z390 on auto I get consistent system freezing and crashes. When I disable XMP the system is always stable.

I assumed that using the XMP profile from this ram kit would just work out of the box. Is this a hardware issue that I should RMA or is it just a given that I should manually enter the settings for running the ram at 2666 in bios? If so, are there any magic settings I should use? Iím guessing I just need the 4 basic timings and the voltage numbers? Any help would be great, Iím not an overclocker.
First is that memory kit on the QVL for your board? That's the first place anyone should look before buying memory. This is the tested and confirmed working memory configs by manufacture that the board vendor has tested to work.

If you buy off the QVL listed memory your on your own.

Beyond that:
Make sure you have he latest BIOS, memory stability is one of the most common fixes version over version.
Next don't use the XMP if that doesn't help, use the same timings as say the next kit down you could have bought. Keep reducing until you get a stable Prime95 run.

If your memory runs at JEDEC speeds (2133) then its likely good, and you have a compatibility issue if your memory is not listed on the QVL.
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