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Games and the OS will only recognize standard keys, like your typical keyboard, left/right click, for/back mouse buttons. All the extra buttons and G-keys do not have an inherent value in the OS and are unique to the product. The way to work with that is by substitution binding.

1) Go to the mouse. Create a new action (+).
2) The "Macro" option will appear in center. Change this to "Remap Mouse Button".
3) Select the "D" circle. Then assign it to one of the mouse buttons in the diagram above. That mouse button is now a copy of the D key.
4) Repeat for any other keys needed. You need a new action for each.

Now the trick is this is one profile and you need that profile to be active for this to work. That means you either need a dedicated profile for that game or you need to copy these actions to any profile in use. If you mostly change your profiles for lighting purposes, you can quickly copy actions to other profiles by first moving them into the Actions Library, then copying and re-assigning them in the new profile.
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