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Hi. Thanks for responding. I could only install Corsair Link since the download of the other versions were for other Corsair one's and they refused to install. I purchased it used. I think its the Video Card as the Video Card is overheating up to 75 Degrees. I know the pumps and the fan(s?) are increasing in speed but the temperature still overheats. I will try to get another video card to replace it.
I did try to remove the video card. Do you know how to remove it? I managed to disconnect everything but the card would only pivot. Does this mean I need to remove the motherboard to unscrew something from the Motherboard side? I'll post a new question in the forums but I wanted to see if you knew how to remove it.
If there's any other possible reason for the video card to overheat, please let me know. I do perform stress test but instead of aborting or decreasing performance, the video card just goes to over 75 degrees and the system freezes and restarts. I thought computers had some protection against that.
Thanks again.
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