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First, when going with ThreadRipper (or Intel Extreme) ... these are quad channel CPUs. So yes, you want to get them in sets of 4 matched DIMMs. It's when you have mismatched DIMMs on the same channel that you can get into problems.

The 3970X officially only supports 3200 but you can go up to 3600 before you get into issue with the fabric and the memory running at a 2:1 ratio, which will cause issues. Personally, I'm currently running 3466 Mhz in a 3960X.

As far as the QVL - the QVL is the list of memory that the motherboard vendor has tested. They may be a guideline but they aren't the final answer. I've got 8 3466 Dominator DIMMs running on my system just fine ... and they aren't on the QVL. If it's on the QVL, you can be fairly certain it'll work. If not, then it's likely to work but not certain.
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