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Default My SSD brick after using "Corsair SSD Toolbox"

That my first SSD bought an year ago (corsair 60gb LS force)

windows7 with new intel UEFI motherboard
yes I read and know about AHCI(it was enabled)
sata 3 cable
SSD used for "linux root"-only 50GB write and 700GB read(for year in SMART,I read before press "update")

I update fairmware to S9FM02.0 year ago also...all was fine

...yesterday I launch "Corsair SSD Toolbox"
(boot windows from HDD, SDD was unmounted and unused)
it show new firmware aviable-S9FM02.6

I press download->update......
"Fail Update Firmware"(with no error and progress on 0%)
okey...I try press again...again failed

Today I turn on my PC(with this SSD)
and got stuck on "boot logo"
my PC "blink" with "red"(hdd)-led 1 sec delay-blink 1 sec-delay...forever(I wait few mins)

only when I "unplag SATA or power on SSD"-I can boot my PC

I turn on "hot plug" for sata divices in uefi-I boot windows from HDD...
and plug this led blink again but windows continue work...only windows "device manager" forever show "detect new plugnplay device"

so SSD not detected in UEFI...

okey I try it on old BIOS(other PC)
BIOS log:
sec master: SATAFIRM S9 S9FM02.0
...and loading process also wont pass farther
...after 30 sec loading continue
SSD detected by bios...but still "red hdd-led" blink same as on UEFI

I can not boot from this SSD on bios screen forever...look like can not read data try install windows on this bios PC(on hdd)...also will try live linux
I read this thread
...maybe more info like this....any way to fix?

so Fact is-"Corsair SSD Toolbox" brick my SSD
its my first SSD....and end like this?
I dont think I ever again use SSD
First firmware(to S9FM02.0) format my SSD...okey
now what"
firmware update by "official tood" kill device????
one year device...when I use 10 year old HDD-s 80-160 GB...and has 0 problem...and SSD 1 year????????
not nice

....ofc will be nice if I can fix it or someone help...

will update latter today with progress....
thanks for reading
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