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Originally Posted by red-ray View Post
Why did you have to uninstall CL4? Maybe it was hogging the locks, is there a SIV_DBGOUT.log? If so attach it to a post so I can check.

I expect the issue that was fixed in CPUZ 1.78.4 is still in the .DLL CL4 uses as I recall Franck asked me about what I guess was you lockup not long ago. On what date did he fix it? You will have to wait for a CL4 with a later CPUID SDK .DLL.

See for how to attach a file/screen image to a post.
I had Corsair Link running and tried to run SIV - it locked up the machine.. Rebooted, uninstalled Corsair Link and was able to start up SIV.

I'll try it again with both installed and running and see if it locks up again.

As for CPUz, the current version on is 1.78.3 (which has the issue), Franck gave me a link to the 1.78.4 BETA (couple of days ago) and that one doesn't have the problem.

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