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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
Typically when you RMA the PSU through the manufacturer, you keep the cables and only ship the main unit and in turn only receive the main unit back. If it is shutting down in single rail mode and there is no obvious wiring issue on your end, then you likely need to take action.

I do think you should contact Corsair Tech Support through the Ticket System regardless of your plan. At least then the issue is logged.

*BTW - HX1200i cables are the flat ribbon type and newer than the AXi standard braided. They are both type 3, but I am not 100% certain they are cross-compatible.

When an RMA for a PSU is approved the not only does the PSU need to be returned but the modular cables also need to be returned. Also Type 3 cables are Type 3 cables no matter if they are from the HXi or AXi series.
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