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Thank you for the replay. Today I've tested switching this PSU to the single-rail mode via Link software.

Just to be sure the problem persists, first I run it in multi-rail mode (so without any changes) and there was again shutdown after 17 minutes of the PC running basically at IDLE. This was preceded by current reading on rail #4 steadily increasing in the last few seconds and reaching about 55 A.

Next, after waiting to be able to turn the PC back on, just after the OS loaded I went to Link settings and found out there is a usual reading of 5 A on rail #4. I've switched the mode to single-rail and all the rails over-current protection toggles went to off state and they got greyed-out too. Immediately after doing so the reading on rail #4 went from 5 A to 50 A. It was increasing for about another 20 seconds and stopped at 69 A, and then after 5 seconds more there was the usual shutdown. This time it took 4 minutes in total from boot till shutdown.

Last try. Waiting again till it can be turned on, OS boot, checking in the Link settings if the single-rail mode is still active and it was. After 13 minutes of running at IDLE there was again increased current reading going on at rail #4 and at about 59 A there was shutdown.

You know what is really silly about that? I have nothing connected to the CPU/GPU output #4. I have moved the plug powering my main GPU to CPU/GPU output #7 for good. All this time CPU and both GPUs load was near 0 %, temperatures looking good and the total 12 V output of about 12 A with the total power consumption of the PSU near 200 W.

I was reading through the various posts related to AX1200i on this board and actually there are quite a few of them reporting high current consumption (of about 50 A) getting stuck on one of the rails and over-current protection tripping at very low power consumption.

I would assume at this point that this one PSU is faulty and go for RMA, yet:
- I'm not even 100 % sure is this all PSU fault as it was working without any problems for one week before all this started,
- even if I got it replaced I'm not sure if I'm still interested in using PSU with a price tag of 379 (actually I couldn't buy it cheaper than 439 ) that can potentially do this again - look at the similar problems described on this board for the AX860i model, maybe all this "fully digital" stuff of the whole AXi series is flawed to some degree?,
- I've asked at the local retailer where I bought this PSU and it will be not accepted for local return without returning every piece that was shipped with it such as manual, cardboard insert and floppy cable adapters that I've all thrown away after the first week, when seeing that the PSU was not DOA so the need for replacement was very unlikely (I was using my previous PSU at my old PC - which was by the way AX1200 - for 7 years without any problems),
- even if Corsair would directly accept my return without those items, I would first need to remove all the tidily done cabling and still wait up to few weeks with my main PC laying dead.

At this point I'm actually thinking more of buying something else that could be swapped easily, such as HX1200i (I believe the cables should be compatible), testing it to be sure the current PSU was indeed faulty, trying to RMA it and if successful selling it as new for half a price or so to get the price difference between those models back.
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