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Originally Posted by wytnyt View Post
i dont know why yours arent working,maybe there were files left over from prior installs,maybe a installed monitoring program ,i have it on both my builds without curve problems tho.
what version is the cooling node on?

as far as the unit being ''heatsoaked'',that can easily be maintained without having your fans go full blast right off the bat.
if you use the cpu and you left your computer on and unattended and for some reason it heated up be it from the video,hard drives or what ever,,
how would your computer cool itself down?
using the cpu as a trigger defeats the cooling purpose of everything and its just like having no cooling protection at all.the cpu load isnt going to increase if it or any other component simply gets hot .
As I said when you first asked, I'm using CPU Temp... not load. Load would be silly.

And because the radiator has an inverse impact on the CPU, if your entire case heats up due to whatever reason, the radiator is going to as well, which would raise the CPU temp in turn.

Maybe I'm completely off base, but I would have to guess that 99% of the people here use CPU temp, not the temp off the Hydro to determine fan speed.

I did use Revo to remove the software, so it cleaned out the registry entries, win/sys files and included dumping the files in appdata and program files.

I'll will have to check the cooling node version, but if there was not an update recently it's the latest version.

What I did notice is that my set points on the fans were saved across the uninstall/reinstall. Meaning my temp/rpm points on each of the fans was kept even though I had to redo the entire layout and config otherwise. I'm thinking maybe I will ping each of the settings to make sure they are getting written properly and refreshed in the system. Perhaps the commander needs a boot to the head to wake up.
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