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In HWINFO, did you get a Pump and Fan 1 reading just below "H100i v2" Liquid Temp? They should be there. If not, that further underscores some kind of detection issue.

Toggling PWM/DC in Q-fan should make no difference at all. I believe on Z370 "disabled" is technically 100% DC, but it is 12v either way. The PC presumably boots without getting a "CPU Boot Error", so the BIOS must be getting some reading. When you are in the BIOS, what speed does it show for CPU fan? It should show 1/2 the actual pump speed, so typical BIOS values would be ~950 to 1000 for Quiet mode or ~1400-1500 for the high pump setting. If it shows 500 rpm, then I am worried iCUE is accurate.

The last thing to try is to move the H100i v2 connector to a different header. I think you have an "AIO" header on that board, but any CHA fan header set to 100% works as well. The trick is something does need to be on CPU fan to boot (or disable the error warning). However, for a test procedure, I might just stick some random fan on CPU fan to see if 1) it works on CPU fan; and 2) to see if H100i v2 does better on something else. It should make no difference, but... AIO should be preset to run at 100%.
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