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Ah, you're right, I probably won't want my fans at 2,000 RPM unless I'm trying to annoy the neighbors. I'm just suspicious that two supposedly identical fans have different technical specs, makes me wonder if there are internal mechanical differences that could imply towards the build quality.

Will I need the NoPro to get even the solid red Ml120 Pro LED to light up? What I'm wondering is if it would be a ton easier/cheaper for me to just stick with solid red over RGB colors with various lighting effects.

Or, could I circumvent the need for the NoPro and extra cables if I got a CoPro + 3 RGB ML120s separate? I like the fan-speed control CoPro gives so I could justify that config if I wouldn't have to buy anything else. If this is answered in your guides just let me know and I'll re-read them, I've just never configured a fan setup before so much of it is Latin to me.

For CPU cooling I was going to see how far the stock Ryzen 2700x cooler would get me, and eventually replace it if I was unhappy with the thermal performance. I've heard trying to overclock the Ryzen 2700x much is a bit like trying to motivate children with wasps.
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