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You can spend 3 weeks trying to tune this out and hopefully it works. However, those are really loose timings at 4266 and I am not sure how well it tightens up at the next two rungs down. In comparison, a 3600C16 kit probably goes up to 4000 in easy, clear steps. Mine does on both my Code X and Formula XI. If you can find a 3600C16 kit for less (or something similar), that seems like a better plan than spending every remaining return window minute trying to force compliance. Also, unless you are a benchmark jockey, 3866 vs 4000 vs 4266 is not going to have any effect on your performance. On some kits I get the same results at 3733 than I do at 4000, with less voltage required. Those compatibility limits are not promises it will or should work. It means they enabled the setting in the BIOS. There are both diminishing returns and hard obstacles at the upper limit.

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