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Default Help needed with 4266Mhz running at 3600Mhz (CMW16GX4M2K4266C19)

I have recently purchased a new gaming setup, which includes 16Gb (2x8) Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 4266Mhz Memory (CMW16GX4M2K4266C19).

I have tried loading both XMP1 & XMP2 profiles in the motherboards UEFI/Bios (latest version - Hero XI), but can only get the memory stable at 3600Mhz in AIDA64 (about 99% stable that is).

I can work my way around the Bios fairly well and know how overclock the CPU, and to set voltages and stuff, but have no idea what to do with memory timings.

The memory will boot to windows from 2133Mhz all the way up to 4200Mhz, although the VCCIO and other CPU/Memory timer Voltages are high, at around 1.3v (which then slightly throttles the CPU). I have been able to bring these down again to a fairly low level, but the memory won't stay stable under a test any higher than 3600Mhz under any voltage the Bios has set, or that I have given it.

The Motherboard is compatible with memory all the way up to 4400Mhz from the Qualified Vendors List (QVL), and although this memory isn't on the QVL there is an identical 32GB kit on the QVL, that has the same serial number to this, apart from (so I was thinking) the numbers representing the DIMM capacity(32Gb/16Gb - 32GX/16GX?) and quantity amount (4/2 Modules - M4/M2?) - I have 16Gb (2x8) CMW16GX4M2K4266C19 compared to 32Gb (4x8) CMW32GX4M4K4266C19 on the QVL.

I knew it was a risk, but didn't expect to lose this much speed from those advertised at 4266Mhz, I was hoping least to hit the 4000Mhz mark. I'm thinking I may as well return them and and get the 3600Mhz 16Gb kit (listed on QVL) at around 230 less, unless there's a way to bring these stable close to advertised speeds.

If any one want's to show off some knowledge/skill's and help would be very much appreciated and just to add, I have a pair of matching dummy modules installed with them (CMWLEKIT2), if that might be causing any issue.

thanks for looking/helping.

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