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The ML-RGB might push more air on a radiator, but the difference would be negligible for standard case fan duty with minimal restriction. I also would not characterize the ML as quieter than the LL. In fact, I would say the opposite. The ML has a wider, flat blade and while this is better at focusing airflow, it will make more air noise when against a radiator or case mesh of some substance.

Besides blade design (which may or may not be relevant to you), the obvious differences are in the LED light. A ML-RGB is 4 exposed center LEDs. I rather like the front lighting, but be aware the back side will let light peep out from the label side. That can strike you the wrong way depending on orientation. A LL fan is 12 exterior LEDs covered by a frosted ring, then 4 more central LEDs also under a frosted cap. This has a cooling effect on the light tone compared to the more neutral ML. The LL have some additional effects and are very popular. However, be aware the back side looks very much like a ML and you won't benefit from the ring if looking at the rear. On the plus side, the central LEDs are capped and the light bleed on the ML is blocked.

RGB fans are expensive no matter what you choose. If you are after nothing but performance, there may be other choices to make. If not, then go with the one that you visually prefer. Knowing fan X moves an extra 3 cfm at 1000 rpm doesn't tug on the heart-strings of most people. Looking at your PC and loving the appearance is usually more appreciated.
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