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Hi atinoco,

Yeah I previously posted in your thread but deleted my post to avoid unnecessary clutter and confusion so i created this thread, thanks for sharing your experience and tips :)

Hi Yellowbeard thanks for helping :) OC'ed or at stock i can't post at 2000MHz. Currently i'm running CPU at stock (2.6GHz) and the CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 kit at 1066MHz.

I'm going to reboot here and give it another go in the BIOS i just found an article on techpowerup ( ) explaining the extra timings i didn't understand. I'll try to input these aswell and see how it goes. Be right back!

EDIT: I managed to post now OC'ed to 4.0GHz and 2000MHz clock on the CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 kit. Still i'm having blue screens and some weird instabilities (CPUTweaker just crashed now) but i guess some voltage fine tuning will solve it.

Here's what i added to the DRAM Timing so i could post:

tRFC 110
tWR 15
tRTP 8

Currently i'm OCed to 4.0GHz and 2000MHz RAM. I'm gonna try to stabilize the machine on this setting. The bad thing is i got an older i7 920 (C0/C1 Revision) wich requires more voltage than modern revisions.. this is gonna be a bit tricky.

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