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Default CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 XMP Profile doesn't post!

I just bought this kit CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 recently and i can't post at 2000MHz using XMP. I'm running a i7 920 on a Asus Rampage II Extreme OC'ed to 3.8GHz i have no problem posting and booting using a lower clock like 1600MHz but 2000MHz just won't go.

I'm using CPUTweaker (another freeware similar to CPUz but with more Timings details) and here is what XMP#1 (2000MHz) Timings looks like on CPUTweaker:

From all these i know how to setup manually CL: 8 tRCD: 9 tRP: 8 tRAS 24 CR 2T (these are also loaded by default when you choose to overclock by XMP on BIOS)

but the rest i don't know how to manually configure, they don't make sense to me. I would appreciate if someone could translate what the following values mean:

tRC: 51
tRFC: 110
tRRD: 8
tWR: 15
tWTR: 8
tRTP: 8
tREF: 7.8 us

I think those are the last details i need to manually enter at BIOS so to boot properly at 2000MH but i don't know what each mean.

Also DRAM Bus Voltage is at V1.65v what Voltage should QP1/DRAM be set at? My Rampage II is updated to the latest BIOS 1802..

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