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If Memtest checks out, I would highly recommend a clean install. You can unplug your current drive, install a different drive (HDD, SSD, new, used, whatever) just for testing purposes, and do a clean install of Windows on it. Your old drive will remain intact. If it's the same problem, then you just unplug your "test drive" with the new install, plug back in your old one, and you're back to square one. That would rule out a big possibility.

Also, are you on the same version of BIOS that worked initially before the PSU swap? If you changed BIOS versions, I would recommend going back to the version that worked initially, at least for testing purposes, just to reduce as many variables as possible. Since the only thing that changed was the PSU, though unlikely, I would look at it as well. Maybe swap it out with a different one if possible.

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